Comfort for Your Scrapped Knees

Can you remember one of your earliest childhood memories? Mine probably dates back to when I was 3 or 4 years old. At the time, my family was living in the beautiful state of Colorado. My dad would drive me around in his f150 pick up truck- I always thought it was red but my dad insists it was gray. Although this truck was huge, nothing close to pretty, and probably built sometime in the 80s- I loved getting to spend any chance I could with my dad just driving around checking off his errands. One day his errands included taking the truck for a wash. From that day, I remember myself laughing and screaming with playful excitement as my dad chased me around with the hose he used to wash down the truck in one of those drive in-do it yourself car washes. That laughter ended abruptly when I slipped and fell, gashing open both my knees.

The next thing I remember was sitting on the fluffy brown plaid couch in my family’s duplex, throwing a fit when my dad reached for the medicine. Overwhelmed with pain from my scrapped knees, I didn’t want him to come closer, terrified that he would just make the pain even worse.

Years later and I so often saw myself responding the same way to God. When I experienced disappointment, I slowly drew near to the Lord less and less about the pain I felt. As my heart distrusted Him because of the situations I found myself in, I failed to understand that God is a good and caring Father. When I was overwhelmed by the pain I was experiencing, I lacked to see that He desired to bring comfort and healing to my wounds.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 ESV

Ever find yourself in a similar position where you are afraid to come to the Lord with the reality of your pain? Maybe ignoring it and deciding to not face the pain and discomfort of unmet expectations, thinking it will all go away if you just don’t touch it? The Lord actually encourages us to come to Him in prayer with these burdens instead of letting them build up and get infected. The pain of unmet expectations in this life can be blessings in disguise that draw us to the only One who can meet our every need. As we were created to be satisfied in our creator, Psalm 23:1 shows us that with the Lord as our Shepherd, in Him we lack nothing. He kindly brings healing to your hurts and reveals the truth of His Word to your misunderstandings. He may not entirely change the situation you are walking through but He will bring fruit from His gentle fatherly care and healthy discipline. He will not leave us or forsake us but will empower us with the strength and peace of the Holy Spirit. As we abide in Him through every trial we will see steadfastness and maturity produced, all for our better good and His glory.

Just as I enjoyed spending time with my father running his errands, I pray that you would be hungry to draw close to and be honest with the Lord, enjoying Him each day as He empowers you with the Holy Spirit to accomplish His good agenda. I pray that you trust in Him and know that even if the day ends in pain like my scrapped knees that the Lord cares and will gently bring healing to your wounds as you turn to Him. I pray that pain or discomfort here on earth doesn’t discourage you but remind you of the hope that we have in Christ, for when the Lord will one day make everything right.

Kellie Martin