Finding Hope In Our Savior Rather Than Our Season

There are countless seasons I can look back on where I attempted to hit the fast forward button and move onto the next thing. I’d let the fast-paced and instant culture shape my perspective. Failing to take inventory on the season I was presently in, I found myself wanting to move onto the next as if it was going to bring me more security or fulfillment. Failing to see that the next season may always seem greener but is incapable of completing me. Being so focused on the next thing blinded me from what God wanted to develop in the present season; to produce something foundational and to place my roots even deeper in Christ- finding what I longed for in my Savior rather than a season.

This Life Is Not Our Own

The circumstances of life we may find ourselves in are never intended for us to find comfort and content in but can be instrumental in drawing us to know Christ and to be molded to reflect Him. Those seasons not only shape us to look like Him more but are ultimately used for His wonderful plan and purposes. I think we so often forget that Christ gave His life up so that we could live for Him, not ourselves- and belonging to Christ is actually a good thing. He saved us, gave us life, and now we have a purpose to live for. Through the days we are given we GET to co-labor with a GOOD God.

Our Hope Is Not Found In Our Season

So many times I see people let down when they don’t see life turning out the way they expected, I myself have been in that boat before more than once. Many encourage others to find hope by counting the positives. I wholeheartedly believe that it is important to give thanks in every season as the Word tell us to but the fleeting positives within a season is not where we find our hope. Even though there is sin and destruction here on earth, our Hope is found in the finished work of Christ and we can be confident knowing that He will one day make all things right. The security and wealth that Christ accomplished on our behalf surpasses any security or wealth found here on earth. For however many seasons we may see in this life, we know our home is not found on this earth but in Heaven. Though life may bring ups and downs, our hope is secure and our joy can be rooted in a God that never changes.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

The Word reminds us that even as we face many changes through several seasons, we serve a good and redeeming God who stays the same in every season, He never changes, He is constant. His thoughts and ways are much greater than ours and He welcomes us into His great and big story. At the same time, He is so close and personal, extremely intentional with where He positions us. Even when its painful, as we stay rooted in Christ, he produces something beautiful as He shapes us to look more like Him. He prunes us and strengthens us. He promises that He will finish the good work that He started within us and will not forsake us as we draw close to Him.

Steward The Season You Are In

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Maybe the season you are in is exciting or painful, maybe its constantly changing or it feels like forever. Whatever season you see yourself in, if you are walking in His will by pursuing Christ and are placing your life in His hands, you can trust God knowing that He is with you and He will use it all for good. God uses every season for you to be sanctified but He also builds His kingdom through the work you put your hands to for His glory. Be faithful with what He has given you as you are mindful to steward the season you are in.

Refuse to fast-forward this season, slow down, and ask God how He wants you to be intentional with it. See that it matches up with the Word of God and that it is for His glory not your own. Ask God, what is it in me that does not please you- what can I repent of and turn over to you so that I may look like you more? God, how are you using this season to change me more? What is it that you want me to do with my time to honor you best? You may not understand everything that God is up to in the season you find yourself in but you can rest knowing He is with you. Rely upon Him for the strength to live the life He’s called you to as you take up your cross, He is faithful to provide the grace needed. Surround yourself with Godly leaders in your local church who can help you take inventory, shed perspective, and ultimately point you to Christ.

The purpose of this life is to know God and to enjoy Him. He may bless us along the way with good things but those good things are not ultimate things- only instruments that point back to the goodness of God- our true and ultimate treasure. As we are molded by God through the seasons we face we can choose to look to Christ. As you live a life surrended to God in every season let it be your prayer that in the highs and the lows, in the fast and the slow, I am richly blessed to know Christ more and live a life of worship in response.

Kellie Martin