Pat Barrett/Hillsong Worship


I've been a fan of Housefires for some time now and their lead singer, Pat Barrett; just released an independent EP. A couple weeks ago, my friend Kiara and I got to see him perform a couple of these songs live along side Kim Walker Smith, Matt Maher, and some other awesome worship artists, they were great! I've always loved "The Way" and "Build My Life" but the song "Sails" featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook on this EP has a really beautiful sound to it.


Ahh!! Finally, Hillsong Worship released another album :D :D Great tracks on this album!! My favorites include "New Wine" (Seriously, I may have abused this on repeat already), "The Lord's Prayer", "Touch of Heaven", and a live version of "So Will I". Just go get the whole album and listen to the entire thing, trust me- you will love it :)

Kellie Martin