Cory Asbury/ICF Worship


Fun fact- when I decided to rededicate my life to the Lord in my college years, Cory Asbury is one of the artists that I constantly had on repeat. I remember coming across his live worship sessions on youtube and just playing it over and over for a couple weeks. His recent work; "Reckless Love" is something else. I love how the Gospel is put on display in the featured track, "Reckless Love" but I also am very thankful for the other tracks on this album. 10/10.

um helllooooo.... ICF Worship. Excuse me while I fan-girl over what this worship team has put out so far. Their creative team did a great job with the lyrical videos they have on their youtube channel . Two songs to check out:  "All About You" and "Eyes On You".

Kellie Martin