Allie Paige/Victory Life Worship


Allie Paige of Isla Vista Worship in Cali released "Miles & Years" at the end of November and not am I only a fan of the really cool album art but there are a few tracks on this release that I had on repeat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumentals she included but also really liked "No Sweeter Love", "In Your Midst" and "Fall". This album is really mellow and I love how the style of her lyrics expressed vulnerable worship unto the Lord.


I love when a church worship team releases an album with some fresh lyrics instead of just putting out a "cover" album. Victory Life Worship has a great live album out titled "Love Holds Strong". I am a huge fan of the song "We Make Room".  Although my favorite song on this album is a slower one, the album is filled with bunch of up beat worship songs that are fun and worth checking out.

Kellie Martin