Sajan Nauriyal/Page CXVI

Wonder how I find some of my music? Spotify has a neat option where you can click on similar artists. This is how I found Sajan Nauriyal. His music is upbeat, fun, and there's always a beat drop. "Always Enough" has to be my favorite track off of his recent album. He does have some slower tracks with featured artists, definitely recommend the listen.

I have been a huge fan of Page CXVI for some time now and when I first got my hands on their latest release "Re-Hymns" I was beyond thrilled. Although I encourage you to give "Wash Me Clean (Remix)" a listen off of this album- It would be wrong for me not to encourage you to listen to all of their other albums. Seriously, please stop what you are doing and check out their music, you will not regret it :)

Kellie Martin