Day Two

The Lord has blessed me with much more than I deserve- not bragging here, just being real- I don't deserve any of it and He generously pours it out. Besides the unmatched gift of relationship with Him, He has provided in several other ways. The one that I find myself often giving thanks for is the beautiful community of friends and family which He has placed me in.

There's nothing quite like seeing a community of broken people coming to a perfect savior to walk out their sanctification and live a life a worship in unity. To see others love another more than they love themselves. To consider the needs of others in prayer and actually serving each other in meeting those needs. To be honest and in love point them to the word of God when it's not easy to do so. To laugh, to cry, to rejoice, to live life with each other through whatever season comes their way. What a joy it is to celebrate each other, to be each other's ultimate "hype-mans". To point each other to Christ and stir one another to walk out what He has called them specifically to for His glory (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Who can you in love build up and encourage in Christ today? Take a moment, look around, there's someone- even a stranger, who you can encourage and extend the love of Christ to. We shouldn't wait for others to love us first. We see that Christ loved us first and that should be our reason to share love with others (1 John 4:19). Our love that we intentionally give should not dependent on how another has treated us, for if Christ used that reasoning when it came to how he loved us, we'd be in big trouble.

Kellie Martin