Day Twenty One

Who do you have in your life? As a Christian, you are not called to live out life alone but in community. One wise Pastor told me that its always to have these three type of relationships established in your life; a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy. Paul Martin (no relation that I am aware of haha) describes these relationship as to "Pursue a Paul, Be a Barnabas, and Teach a Timothy". Together, lets unpack how these relationships apply to our life.

A Paul: Someone who's pouring into you

If you take away one thing from my writing, please let it be this: Find a Godly person who is spiritually more mature than you, one that has possibly already walked through the things you are currently walking through. Pastors are important to be shepherded by, but if you attend a larger church it might be a good idea to find a leader of the same gender who you can meet with often. Let them teach you everything they know and give them room to call you out and correct you. This person should have room to really know what you are going through, someone who knows where you are heading with your goals and that you trust so that you can confess sin to. The great commission instructs us to go out and make disciples, but how can we be successfully be making disciples if we won't submit ourselves under leadership and be discipled ourselves? As we submit ourselves to God, it is only honorable to submit ourselves to Godly leaders who God has positioned to pray, encourage, refresh, teach, and disciple us.  Be 100% honest and vulnerable with them and you will see fruit come from this mentorship, for your good and God's glory.

A Barnabas: Your peers who are going through

Have good Christian friends along side you that can stir you on, pray for you, eat with you, laugh with you, and relate to the seasons you are going through together- it SO vital! Step out of your comfort zone if needed and make friends with these people! Serve, refresh, love and point them to Christ and you will find your needs met! Friendship is a beautiful gift and as you bear one another burdens, it glorifies Christ in such an awesome way!

A Timothy: Those you are pouring into

We mentioned earlier how the great commission calls us to go out and make disciples, so here's me encouraging you to do so! If you have been saved by Christ you have been called to share the Gospel and what He has done in your life to others. Teach others how to develop their gifts for His glory, teach them scripture and how to apply scripture in their day to day walk with the Lord. Teach them how to pray, how to serve, how to be obedient, how to have self-control, etc. etc. Don't forget that those that you disciple will pick up on your actions before they pick up on your words. Lead by example, you have to have a relationship with Christ before you can teach others how to have one. Share your testimony with those that you are discipling, show them when you were weak and needed Christ so that they understand that you are not perfect but are dependent on the Lord. Serve them. When you go through a difficult season, rely on your friends and leaders to be vulnerable with, be honest with the one you are mentoring that you have to rely on Christ but don't divulge too much information that may cause them to fear a pressure that they have to be the one leading you.

Kellie Martin