Day Twenty Five

Forty-five minutes later and my friend still wasn't there.. We had made plans to hang out and I even changed my schedule around so that we could see each other. I was not furious but I definitely wasn't happy. Thoughts like "How dare she just not show up or call?" or "You must not be that important to your friend, maybe she's hanging out with someone else." came across my mind. Can you think of one of the last times someone made you upset or even jealous?

If someone wrongs us, we should be thankful for the opportunity to be able to extend grace and forgiveness just as Christ did for us on a greater scale. But most importantly, we should never expect another human to be the ultimate source of our joy and contentment. Yes, relationships are a beautiful gift but when we are grounded in Christ, if someone "let's us down" we can be reminded that everything we need is found in Him. Instead of demanding to be served by others to find what we are truly longing for, we can turn to and be satisfied in Christ. As we find our joy rooted in Christ, it should be our eager response to serve others with the love that Christ freely and unconditionally extended to us.

Kellie Martin