Day Thirty One

Our Savior lived a perfect life and died a death He did not deserve in our place. Not only can we be genuinely glad for the beautiful grace He has extended to us, but through the recorded scriptures, we can now take a look at who He is, what He said, and how He acted while He walked this earth. Getting to know the person of Jesus Christ should change us.

For a God who took on flesh and gave of Himself, completely laying down His life for us- why wouldn't we want to get to know who He was? Why would we just want to accept what He has given us and move on with our own plans without taking into consideration what brought Him joy or what displeased Him? If we truly believe that He died and rose again giving us eternal life, won't we want to take His words seriously? If we absolutely love Him, won't He matter to us now, not just in Heaven?

The way he showed kindness, had righteous anger, served, spoke in parables or was straight to the point, healed, spoke to: the sick, poor, women, children, etc... all these examples and more throughout the Gospels, they should cause us to love Him even more. They should stir within us a desire to live for Him and be more and more like Him. For He died that we may have life in Him. He saved us from the wrath of God our sin deserves when He did not have to, He alone deserves all the glory. Getting to know Him personally is yet another example of His beautiful grace.

Kellie Martin