Day Thirteen

Days after being dumped by a guy for the first time, I found myself in a local library researching for a final project. I was devastated and my heart was broken because I gave too much of my heart away. I walked down the "Christian" isle and thought, "What could hurt? Maybe I'd find something to read that could help with the pain I was feeling..." Take note, in college- I never read for fun! Only to get through my assignments. But as I walked down the isle, there was a book that was hanging off the shelf, I picked it up and decided to check it out.

If I ever meet Pete Wilson one day, I'll personally thank him for writing "Empty Promises." For so long, I was looking to find happiness in other people- in relationships which I believed would make me feel desired. The book derailed the lie that I believed for so long, that finding love from a guy would make me feel complete as a person. The book pointed me to the only God that could truly fulfill me- Jesus Christ.  The one lesson learned from Wilson's book that I will never forget was that people are not perfect and will either let you down or one day die... that humans were not created to be our God.

Coming face to face with this truth was just the beginning of the Lord teaching me more bout Himself and how He is the only One who could fully know me and fully love me. Finding yourself in a relationship where receiving that person's love is more important to you than God is dangerous and consequences will follow, as sin is only pleasurable for a season. Feeling "in love" might feel pretty incredible but if your love for Christ is not first before that other person, than the idol of this relationship will fail you, it will not stand compared to the solid foundation that is found in Christ alone. You were created by your Creator for your Creator, as far and wide as you may search, you will never find the itching desire to be complete in anything else but God.

Kellie Martin